War of the 100 hours (overview)

War of the 100 hours (overview) Information

The 100-hour war, also known as the soccer war, was a conflict that happened from the 14 to the 18 of July 1969 between El Salvador and Honduras. He is known by those names because it lasted 100 hours and ...

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San Salvador volcano

San Salvador volcano Tourism

The volcano of San Salvador is one of the most emblematic places of the country; This nature giant is located in the municipalities of “Quezaltepeque, San Juan Opico, Colon and Santa Tecla” in the Department of La Libertad and Nejapa ...

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University of El Salvador

University of El Salvador Tourism

The University of El Salvador (also known by its acronym UES) is considered to be the institution’s largest and oldest higher education that exists in El Salvador, and is the only public University in the country. The headquarters is encuenta ...

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Amapulapa Tourism

Amapulapa is a water park or tourist center which is located near the town of San Vicente, 60 kilometers east of San Salvador. The name in nahuatl means: “River where los Amates sink”. This recreation area has an extension of ...

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Turicentro Apulo

Turicentro Apulo Tourism

Apulo turicentro is located 16 kilometres from the capital city, San Salvador, this proximity makes it a place quite visited by many tourists. Apulo means in nahuatl: “Place which sinks in water”. This site is located in Canton Dolores Apulo, ...

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Toma de Quezaltepeque

Toma de Quezaltepeque Tourism

Quezaltepeque is a water park located to the Northwest of the city of Quezaltepeque in the liberty Department, located at a distance of 25 Km from the capital of San Salvador. This turicentro was inaugurated in July 1979, and is ...

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