Carnaval of San Miguel

El Salvador and Central America’s largest party is only few hours start. Tonight, at the stroke of 6, you will be the traditional parade of floats that runs through the main streets of miguelenas based on Roosevelt Avenue.

Night of Carnival in San Miguel

From that time, it will have begun the traditional “carnavalón”, epilogue par excellence of the festivities in honor of our Lady of peace.

For more than ten hours, the main streets of the city are filled with music and fun with the presence of at least 40 groups and orchestras of various genres. The menu includes music chanchonas, cumbia, bachata, salsa, merengue, boleros and even “perreo” and “Reggaeton”, two genres that are hogging the attention of dancers these days.

In addition, its possibilities permitting, you can enjoy private parties being held in hotels, clubs and discotheques.

Migueleña this day party starts from early hour, with preparations for the floats and street sales that offer a host of products ranging from memories of the Carnival to a wide variety of foods. By where to sleep, no worry, because fun does not stop during the night, so you will hardly have time for it.

If you arrive early, you can visit the fair field (located in the center of City Government, at the end of the Roosevelt Avenue) or the Expoferta, a fair of products consume-style, which is located next to the first. The cattle fair will also open its doors.
Out there, of safe fun in the streets will have begun.

To pass the “rubber”. If you want to enjoy Carnival-style of the people of the East, don’t follow the tradition at dawn.

Very early, you will find at key points, sales of atol shuco (which in this area of the country has a taste and look different, as it is sweet and pink). But if that is not enough to replace the fluids lost during the night, with the Sunrise, you can start your journey to the Beach the Cuco, where the party continues with music, seafood and respective malt beverages.

The only detail is that you must be careful when driving, because the traffic is considerable. And don’t forget to get some rest before embarking on the return, lest they fatigue to play a dirty trick.

How to get there

San Miguel, the third city in the country, puts the finishing touch to their festivities this evening with the traditional “carnavalón”. To reach the city, can take the Pan-American Highway, leaving the street of gold, or the coast, by the side of the airport. The only suggestion is to leave early to avoid trouble on road, as well as caution, because that day the traffic to that place is greater.

If going by bus, these run every 10 minutes East Terminal and prices range from $2 to $5 (the latter in special service, with air conditioning and TV on board). You can take routes 301, 304 and 306.

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