Chasca del agua (legend)

According to oral tradition, long ago in the Barra de Santiago, in the Department of Ahuachapán, lived an Indian Chief that was very rich and very cruel. This man was called Pachacutec, which had a daughter who had committed themselves to the Prince Zutuhil, belonging to a local tribe. It is said that she was a very pretty young woman and was called Chasca.

Chasca, the Virgin of the water (legend)

One day Chasca met a young fisherman from Zanate Island, a handsome youth whom he called Acayetl or Ayacetl. The young Chasca fell in love with him but his father Pachacutec was opposed to the love of both; However, every day when the Sun opened his eyes after the mountain, she slipped in a forest of tree hut, and was going to the beach where he was his beloved Acayetl, which used to sing you sweet songs from the raft.

But one morning was so sad, poza dawned gilded by the Sun and a cold wind that crawled by scraping the neighbouring pinales, so sad, cold and lonely as well was the poza.

A canoe suddenly appeared, was the young fisherman Acayetl returning from fishing. It was and it was approaching the beach, when suddenly among the reeds on the shore a blind man shot an arrow, this had been sent by Pachacutec, the father of the young Chasca.

Acayetl fell down dead, and when the sea was putting red, a woman shouted at the beach. It was Chasca; She had seen the murder of her lover, and ran madly in her pain where Acayetl. They have was both his pain made the decision to accompany her beloved, and shortly after returned to the same place with a stone and tied at the waist and threw water and sea shot their waves on the body of the young cute until it disappeared.

They also say that the spirit of Chasca appeared for the first time with a cute dress of feathers, a white canoe beside his beloved Acayetl, to the following full moon night, and makes it since then in the Barra de Santiago. Therefore they know him as the Virgin of the water or the goddess of water.

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