City of Santa Ana

The city of Santa Ana, as we all know, is located in the Department of the same name. Santa Ana was founded in 1708 and preserves still the beauty of colonial-era structures. The streets are full of people friendly and eager to serve his fellow men. This city always is very active and has many attractive places to visit.

City of Santa Ana

The city has great attractions such as, for example, the central square of the city. This plaza fills with pride to all the inhabitants of Santa Ana, here is very near the National Theatre in Santa Ana and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Ana. The Teatro de Santa Ana has been restored, restoring its splendour of yesteryear. In the theatre have been held cultural events, such as some concerts of the Symphony Orchestra. The theater contains elegant shapes and murals (hand-painted frescos) and grand halls. The elegance of the theatre is one of the major attractions of the city.

However, the Cathedral of Santa Ana also possesses a great splendor. The Cathedral was built at the beginning of the 20th century (about 1900). The Cathedral was named after the patron saint of the city, Santa Ana. During the last two weeks of July annually festivities of Santa Ana in honor celebrate their Patron Saint. Activities in the festivities include religious processions, sale of food and marimba outdoor concerts.

Another great attraction is Malacatiupán hop, a natural attraction for people who visit this beautiful apartment. This natural paradise is located near the small village of Atiquizaya. Malacatiupán hop has springs and cascades of crystal clear water. The vegetation of the place is amazing and at the same time relaxing.

In the village of Atiquizaya you can also find a great tourist attraction: its famous handicrafts. The crafts include wood crucifixes, wicker furniture, pots and chairs for the garden. All of these crafts are very appreciated by visitors and constitute a great pride for the people of this small town.

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