Complejo de Los Volcanes

The Complejo de Los Volcanes is a wonderful tourist site of El Salvador, which lies on the volcano of Santa Ana, Cerro Verde and Izalco; just 70 kilometers from the capital, San Salvador. Here we can see how nature has made his work over time, by means of the lavas of different ages, and on these, variety of vegetation and fauna.

Complejo de Los Volcanes

The extension of the Complejo de Los Volcanes is of around Central the magnificent of 6500 hectares, making it the natural area more extensive in El Salvador and that connects directly with the complex San Marcelino.

The importance of these Complejo de Los Volcanes lies in the amount of both animal and vegetable species that Harbor, as well as its same characteristic lava which serve as sponge absorbing rainfall and that feed all the aquifers in the area: Lake Coatepeque, Valle de Zapotitán, turicentro of Atecozol; having these an area of direct influence on three Santa Ana, Sonsonate and La Libertad departments.

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