El Cadejo (legend)

The legend of “El Cadejo” is very popular in El Salvador, although it is also known in Central America, Mexico and part of South America. This legend comes from the times of our indigenous ancestors, who usually believed that the dog helped humans in their passage into the afterlife when they died. With the arrival of the Spaniards and Christianity to our lands, the legend was changed to show the difference between good and evil.

El Cadejo (legend)

The Legend says that the Cadejo is actually a spirit of a ghost represented with the appearance of a dog which has red and sparkling eyes. There are two types of Cadejos: the white Cadejo that represents the good and the black Cadejo that represents evil.

God, in his effort to protect us, decided to create a good spirit, which is represented by a white dog. However, Satan saw this and decided to also send to Earth a black evil dog that fought against white with the purpose of defeating God.

The black Cadejo, represents the evil, often appears to those who wander in the villages late at night or those who perform immoral acts or have a bad conscience and behavior; so it has pursued his victims for a while to scare them and then it hypnotizes them with his huge red eyes (similar to coals) when they are caught steals their soul leaving them like fools to the rest of their lives, this is called in El Salvador that a person has been “played by an evil spirit”.

Moreover, the white Cadejo has blue eyes and represents a spirit of light that protects all faithful believers, it does not allow that the black Cadejo steals the soul of the newborn babies or toddlers, (mainly those that living away from the villages)

The people say that the black Cadejo can easily be scared away from places or dwellings where appears, for getting rid of this spirit you must burn incense, commonly known as “Sahunmerio in El Salvador

The next time you leave at night from anywhere in El Salvador don’t go alone in the street or be careful and be sure to look back always because maybe a black dog it could be following you…


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