El Espino beach

El Espino beach is located in the Department of Usulután, is one of the beaches most of El Salvador, and for being a beautiful and warm beach is an attraction for national and foreign investors.

El Espino beach

The Orchestra San Vicente, well known in El Salvador wrote a song to this beach that, in one of its paragraphs, says: “I will sing the song that I wrote on the road to my beloved seaside resort, the beaches of el espino”.

The inhabitants of El Espino beach said that the sea has to recover the lands that were his, since the sea is eating the Earth.

There are certain areas on El Espino beach which makes it more than others, there are houses that until less than a decade ago were dwelling-houses and now do not exist, since the sea has swallowed them, i.e., are now buried and are not more than Beach, you can also see some structures of houses in ruins having not much time have been dwelling-houses.

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