El Majahual Beach

El Majahual beach is one of the most visited in El Salvador, especially in the holiday season, is located in the Department of La Libertad. Since it is located in an area very close to the capital (at 34 kilometers from San Salvador), people visit this place to enjoy its friendly waves that allows you to enjoy the warm waters open to public.

El Majahual Beach

Be a beach quite frequented by local tourists, El majahual you can find dishes, cocktails and seafood from $1. It is also typical to observe the shore shops built with palmas ramadas and wood and some vendors along the beach offering their products to visitors.

You can also find small hotels to stay in case that you want to spend the night in this place. In some cases you can also sleep on the edge of the beach, in the ramadas belonging to local residents.

On the shores of El Majahual surfing lovers can enjoy spectacular waves and for those who wish to can choose to take classes with local instructors or rent surfboards at stands located in the area. Other sports can be practiced in this place is the beach soccer.

How to get to El Majahual?

If traveling by vehicle, it is recommended to follow the coastal road. This beach is located after the Conchalio Beach, on the left side of the street. You can park your car in parking lots guarded by us $1.00 or $2.00 USD. From San Salvador there are 40 minutes.

If you are travelling by bus, take route is 102 and the 80 AB who have their journey from the city of Puerto de La Libertad, El Sunzal, Izcanal, Majahual, San Blas, Charcon, San Diego and goes. The cost of the passage varies up to $0.75 USD. The trip takes 25 minutes.

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