El Sunzal Beach

El Sunzal beach is located in kilometer 44 and middle of the road to the coast, in the Department of La Libertad in El Salvador. El Sunzal forms part of the complex of beaches where surfers gather to practice this sport and challenge the strength of the waves of the vigorous Salvadoran coasts. There is also a workshop of tables where your surfboard is damaged you, as well as rental of tables and instructors for this sport.

El Sunzal Beach

According to specialized media and international surfers, El Sunzal is considered one of the top ten beaches in the world for surfing, because of its waves, so that even it hosts surf Championships; In addition it is considered as an excellent place for other watersports such as snorkeling and diving shallow.

This beach enjoys a sea bed is Rocky for bird watching is the natural habitat of oysters, lobsters and other crustaceans even in broad daylight the day, especially in the summer months ranging from November to April.

This beach is an area of prestigious restaurants and also small businesses that offer food with fresh seafood, areas of parking with surveillance and hostels accommodation with other attractive services. Also offers immediate beach accommodations, which have magnificent facilities which satisfy the most demanding tastes; a variety of restaurants offering local dishes with delicacies from the sea up to the higher from international cuisine.

El Sunzal with his natural generosity gives us a beautiful view towards the adjacent beaches, in particular. It also offers us a swim in its warm waters or a walk along its banks, practice sport fishing from the shore, with lure or pescadetas, which allows such spectacular results as the capture of specimens of red mouth, horse mackerel, sea bass, or perch of up to seven kilos in weight.

How to get?

To get to el Sunzal in vehicle, from San Salvador approaching southbound El Puerto de La Libertad through highway ca-4; arriving at freedom turn to the right (to the West) and on the carretera ca-2 progress until kilometer 44 there will find a sign indicating the entrance to this beautiful beach.

If you are travelling by bus, in the West, in San Salvador terminal, Board the route 102 which leads him to freedom, then there take Route 80-A, which in 25 minutes will be transported to this beautiful beach.

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