Estero de Jaltepeque

The stream of Jaltepeque is located between the departments of La Paz and San Vicente, El Salvador, specifically in the tourist area known as the Costa del Sol. This place possesses a linear extension of 28 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide that serve as a natural habitat for a large number of coastal birds and a variety of marine molluscs.

Estero de Jaltepeque

This stream of Jaltepeque has two mouths, which are known as piping and Tasajera; and it is considered to be a mangrove forest which is of great significance to buffer the effects of the changing climate and help control floods, in addition to filtering toxins which are swept by the currents of rivers.

The flora and fauna are abundant in this place which is also a refuge for coastal bird species, both resident and migratory, such as herons, ducks and gulls. It is also a habitat of various molluscs that are at the roots of the mangroves.

Some tour operators offer trips by Estero de Jaltepeque, in which may escape from the bocana El Cordoncillo or the mouth of the Lempa River, located next to the beach of Los Negros. The cost of this type of boat ride round the $15 to $35, and you can take it from the beach La Puntilla.

He is currently one of the 125 natural protected areas in El Salvador and is also an excellent place to visit.

How to get?

Starting from San Salvador should drive on the CA-2 road towards the East. At 43 km you will find the detour that leads you to the Costa del Sol. Turn right to follow the boulevard Costa del Sol, in the direction of Playa La Puntilla, located at km 78 at the end of the road.

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