History of San Vicente

In 1635, a group of about 50 Spanish families met on the banks of the Acahuapa River to found the town of San Vicente de Lorenzana.

In 1774, a current of mud and stones fell from the Chichontepec volcano and the town was saved because avalanche San Antonio stopped on the Hill.

At the beginning of the 19th century, they began to take shape the independence movements. San Vicente maintained his loyalty to the Crown not supported the insurrectionary uprising of 1811.

This earned him the blessing of the Crown, which granted him the title of city on July 12, 1812.

The news of Central American independence came to St. Vincent September 23, 1821, eight days after the signing.

With the first Salvadoran Magna letter the Department of San Vicente, founded in 1824.

History of San Vicente El Salvador

From 1834 to 1839, the town functioned as the capital of the State of El Salvador, by Legislative Decree of October 4, 1834.

On March 4, 1838 died in this city the hero José Simeón Cañas.

In 1918, the railroad, arrived in 1920 electricity.

On 19 December 1936, a devastating earthquake destroyed San Vicente.

The year 2001 it presents a new challenge. With the earthquakes of January and February the city was destroyed by 70 percent. The recovery has only just begun.

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