Holidays in El Salvador

El Salvador is a country full of riches, such as beaches, mountains, volcanoes, parks, forests, and others that are excellent to be visited at any time of the year, both for domestic and foreign tourists; but the increased inflow to these places happens when it is holiday season.

Holidays in El Salvador

Holidays in El Salvador can be divided into three parts: Easter, August vacation and holiday of new year’s holiday. In each of them they highlight some of our popular customs, but they are also used by tourists to visit some wonderful places that our country has.

If you have plans of camping or beach for your next holiday you discussed that El Salvador has many beaches to visit, among them are: La Costa del Sol, El Majahual, El Tunco, El Tamarindo, Los Blancos and others in which you can enjoy a nice view, eating rich seafood and even extreme sports as surfing. On the other hand if you want to be close to nature, the best places to camp in El Salvador you will find in the high zone of our country, in the departments of Chalatenango and Morazán.

Easter vacation

The holiday of Easter (usually in March or April) Salvadorans accustomed to attending various religious celebrations to remember the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. At this time the national cuisine also makes note to prepare typical dishes like the torrejas, chilate, among others.

August holidays

In these holidays that are celebrated from 1 to 6 August, also noticed the religious party with acts that are mainly held in San Salvador with “the descent of the divine Savior of the world”, patron of our country. Some also attend the fair use, or fair rides, all this in the capital city of San Salvador.

The new year’s holidays

These are usually in the months of November and January, for students. Public employees, the last ten days of the year and the first three the following year. Private employees taken from two to seven days. At this time of the year, Salvadorans tend to visit trade or markets popular resorts, in search of gifts for relatives or clothing to be released on 24 and 31 December. In terms of tourism, it is customary to visit beaches, spas, or national Comando, December 25 and January 1. All these activities are carried out in family.

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