How to make a piscucha?

The piscucha is one of the traditional games that entertain the Salvadoran children and allow them to distract themselves healthy. How to make a piscucha is something that many children today are wondering, since over time some have left them abandoned have fun with tech toys, however it is important to keep alive our roots and not let die the traditional games that we played so long ago, in our childhood.

The piscuchas, also known as kites or elsewhere, are drawn up at the time that ago wind in El Salvador (especially in the month of October), since the wind is necessary to elevate it, as it tends to be called to action to raise it.

How to make a piscucha

Materials needed

  • 2 thin sticks, coconut palm tree
  • 1 sheet of paper from china
  • Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Adhesive tape
  • Thread and needle
  • Scissor

How to prepare it?

  1. Cut a square of paper from china
  2. Placed the square on position of Rhombus and attach you wand-shaped cross, the first from top to bottom and the second high arched. They are fastened with adhesive tape, or you can cut small strips of newspaper and paste it with glue, in the form of band-AIDS.
  3. Cut two long strips of paper, and glue them in the bottom corner. You call this ‘tail’.
  4. Cut several small strips of newsprint and cut off the tips, to paste in the two corners (left and right), this is called ‘wings’.
  5. Now we only need create something that we call “brakes” and it is a thread that jumps at the bottom to be able to tie, this is sometimes difficult to make. We need needle and thread and we do a berth on the left side of the barilla of the arch, with the thread passing below we make another berth in the straight barilla and finally should we do the last berth on the right side of the barilla of the arc.
  6. We tie a thread to the brakes and ready.

Remember that to fly a piscucha you must do it in an open space, because otherwise it could “lock” into a tree and you should also avoid fly it near electrical wires.

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