Hugo Lindo

Hugo Lindo was born in the city of La Unión, in the Department of the same name, on October 13, 1913, in the bosom of a family of class average that it was very hard-working. In a long career was a diplomat, politician, lawyer, novelist and poet.

Hugo Lindo

He developed his studies in the University of El Salvador, studying jurisprudence and social sciences. The thesis that graduated in 1948 (the divorce in El Salvador) was awarded a medal of honor by the academic authorities of the University.

He subsequently held several positions as Ambassador to El Salvador in Chile (1952-1959); Colombia (1959-1960) and Spain (1969-1972). Also he became Minister of education in El Salvador in 1961. He was then named as director of the Office of Cultural Affairs of the Organization of Central American States. It belonged to the Salvadoran Academy of language, of which he was director emeritus, and was a corresponding member of the academies of Spain, Chile, Colombia and Honduras.

ASU back to our country, rode a library called “High seas” which would later close due to the economic crisis of that period.

Hugo Lindo was one of the people who founded the University “Dr. José Matías Delgado”, which also served as Dean of the Faculty of fine arts of the University until his death (1979-1985).

Hugo Lindo Olivares is regarded as one of the most renowned Salvadoran writers from El Salvador since it is one of the bases of the literature of our country.

He was a man committed to his writings. Accounts that sometimes did not eat nor slept, also was very devoted to his family, in which it together to Carmen Fuentes of Lindo procreated seven children.

He died on September 9, 1985, in San Salvador.

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