Interesting facts about the volcano of Izalco

Izalco volcano is the youngest of the volcanoes in El Salvador and one of the youngest in the Americas. It originated in the year 1770, when a hole in the foothills of the Santa Ana volcano began to fire smoke and ashes.

Interesting facts about the volcano of Izalco

By 196 years the volcano of Izalco erupted almost endlessly, and these eruptions were to the ocean, earning him the nickname of Lighthouse of the Pacific. Its activity was such that it formed a cone of 650 meters above the plain neighborhood (1,952 metres above the sea level), with a crater 250 meters in diameter.

Its last eruption was in the year of 1966, and since then, we have seen a gradual decline in activity and temperature of its fumaroles. It is a peaks or stratovolcano. Its last eruption was very violent and completely destroyed the top of the volcano making its height to decrease at 200 meters.

Call the volcano of Izalco “lighthouse of the Pacific” by its continuous eruptions.


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