La Puerta del Diablo

Nestled in the cerro El Chulo, 13 kilometers to the South of the city of San Salvador and one of Balboa Park, in Los Planes de Renderos, two high rocks that form a sort of arc serve as stage to La Puerta del Diablo, one of the most visited places by Salvadorans, which have been written and recorded many myths and legends.

Puerta del Diablo, El Salvador

Although about its origin there are many stories, according to some records this is shaped by a copious rainfall in the year 1762. A legend has it that in colonial times the property belonged to the family Renderos, from which comes the name of Los Planes de Renderos and the daughter of this family was no less than by the devil himself, courted reason why decided to chase it.

The story adds that one night after having courted the young demon was pursued and to be trapped, he decided to break the cliff to escape down the middle and since then it is known as the Puerta del Diablo.

While it is true there are many more stories, the truth is that the two large rocks protruding from the abyss and cutting the mountain, served to delight with a beautiful landscape that have as background the town of Panchimalco, the Lake of Ilopango, the volcano of San Vicente and the coastline of the Pacific Ocean.

With an approximate elevation of 1070 meters above sea level, the site has areas that allow the practice of sports such as mountaineering. On one of the rocks a curious shell acoustics served stage for recreation or as a place for rest and meditation.

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