Las Flores Beach

Las Flores beach is located near El Cuco, in the Department of San Miguel, El Salvador, just two hours East of San Salvador airport. This beach offers a tropical, warm and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy in family in a different way.

Beach Las Flores

This is a nice site, with a wide, ideal for camping beach front Esplanade. It is an ideal environment to spend it with your family or friends. For your peace of mind, can be accompanied by national police of tourism (POLITUR) free of charge. Simply request this service a week in advance. It is suggested to consult the procedure to follow with this institution.

Las Flores is a spectacular, natural, surrounded by Beach by the serious and denser topography of tropical flora, a beach of aguas blancas and waves of detonation in the background, a throwback in time to a more prehistoric view of Central America, where the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.

A walk in any direction along the secluded beach boasts impressive rock formations and numerous tide pools. Ocean drains several hundred meters at low tide through the alluvial plain of the gently sloping beach.

Las Flores beach is also one of the main areas of surfing in El Salvador and Central America. For surfers of Las Flores beach it is not a place, since it is a spiritual experience, an epiphany, an understanding or perception of reality through a sudden intuitive understanding. Reside in a place is a paradox.

Several years ago, this place used to be a community of fishermen, but in recent years several hotels and resorts came to be installed, so it is now more a tourist attraction, where visitors can stay.

How to get there

If traveling by vehicle, coming from San Salvador Street, take as a point of reference the lighthouse shopping center. To reach this site, turn left in the direction of the coastal highway in directed toward the subdivision Beach San Diego, also known as road to the international airport.

From San Salvador you can board the route 102 that will transport you to the port of La Libertad. Arriving at the station, take route “80” bus or minibus or also “11LL” which will lead it up to the entrance. Access to the beach is close to the entrance. Cost of passage estimated $0.50-$0.75.

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