Maize chicha

Chicha is the common name given to varieties of alcoholic beverages, which are mainly manufactured in basis not distilled fermentation of corn and other fruits. Maize chicha is manufactured handcrafted leaving fermenting corn kernels, you shell of pineapple and ginger in large containers.

Maize chicha

In ancient times in our country had a security body called Treasury Police who was in charge in the rural areas of confiscation of the product to the manufacturers, which was widely recognized for a long time as the chichera police.

How to make chicha?

To prepare maize, used baby corn, maize is soaked for several days, until it begins to germinate; It is positioned in mud with top slightly reduced pot, add you shells and pineapple pulp, is covered with water and tied candy or dulce de panela and left kept covered for at least one week.

Then it is necessary to throw away that water which is known as “naco” and puts more water to cover it well the pot. This time you must add enough sweet binding, depending on the quantity if you want strong or soft chicha for ladies, quinceañeras, or funeral or if you want strong to take on men, deliveries or toothache spree.

In this second time, add pepper, Ginger (bit so it does not pique the throat) and coriander (which is not the same as cilantro), covered with a thick blanket and let it rest for two weeks. It is uncovered and is tested to see if it already fermented and if it still lacks becomes recap stood up to the desired point.

If you want a quality beer you can add more sweet like Apple or pear fruits, you shells and almost last well ripe plantain, and medlar fruit. Each person will recharge the flavor of the fruit that you like most. Born rice there are pineapple, banana, grape, and Apple “foreign”, (gets to be born in pellets), pepa Marañón is seasonal and very appetizing, tamarind, guiscoyol roots, however the base is corn seasoning born.

When the chicha is fermenting it gets hot and has a strong odor.

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