Manlio Argueta

Manlio Argueta is a leading poet and Salvadoran novelist who was born in San Miguel, on November 24, 1935. He was one of the members of the so-called “committed generation”, which was a group of Salvadoran writers that sought to rescue the love of reading and to promote new writers in our country.

Manlio Argueta

In its early days it began writing poetry and with the time it was taking the genre of the novel. Also part of the “University literary circle”, which was founded in 1956 by some students of the National University of El Salvador, which began to study law, but that did not conclude the race.

In 1972 he went into exile in Costa Rica.

One of his most famous work of Manlius is a day in the life, which is a narrative of events of a peasant family, and abuses of power at the beginning of the civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s. Some of his works have been translated into English and some also have become film scripts, to create films.

He is currently director of the National Library of El Salvador, who plays since 2000.

Outstanding works of Manlio Argueta

  • Canto a Huistalucxitl (1957)
  • Un Hombre Por La Patria (1968)
  • En El Costado de La Luz (1969)
  • De Aquí en Adelante (1970)
  • El Valle de Las Hamacas (1970)
  • Caperucita en la Zona Roja (1978)
  • Las bellas Armas Reales (1979)
  • Un Día en La Vida (1981)
  • La Guerra Florida (1982)
  • Cuscatlán donde Bate La Mar del Sur (1986)

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