National tree of El Salvador

Perhaps very few times you’ve noticed the national tree of El Salvador, even may you’ve seen it a  and you have not recognized it. Well, El Salvador also has trees as symbols.

These trees were designated as such by a legislative decree which was approved on September 1, 1939.

This Decree was taken and considered to choose the national tree of El Salvador which are the “Balsam” and the “Maquilishuat” (whose scientific name is Tabebuia Rosea); However, the latter being which has had greater transcendence, for the reason that is considered as the main one.

Maquilishuat, national tree of El Salvador

The “Maquilishuat” tree can reach up to 15 meters in height. It’s large and majestic pink flowers, offer varying degrees of intensity in their coloration.

When you observe the “Maquilishuat” tree flowering is quite a spectacle to human sight, which they beautify the landscape of the country with beautiful pink flowers that cover almost the entire tree, the flowers also covers the ground of that color.

The wood of the “Maquilishuat” tree is very thin, so for that reason making it prized for joinery work, by their light weight and the amber yellow with purplish veins.

Besides this tree has many medicinal and curative properties which very few people know so far.

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