Playa El Tunco

Playa El Tunco is located 42 kilometers from San Salvador and is part of the Ruta Sol and Playa de El Salvador, so it is a well-visited tourist destination both for domestic and foreign tourists. This beach is also considered one of the best beaches in El Salvador for the sport of surfing.

Playa El Tunco

Why it is called so

The typical image of playa El Tunco is a rock formation of black at the edge of this place, according to which it owes its name. In El Salvador it is customary to call them tuncos to the pigs and the stone or rock formation along the beach has the shape of a lying pig or backs, thus the name of the beach.

It is characterized by Black-colored sand. The mouth of a small river surrounded by chalets that offer low-cost: drinks, food, and various tourist services, especially for surfers.

Some tourists enjoy their stay in this place doing campfires with friends at night.

Restaurants and accommodation

El Tunco is also a place where you can enjoy an incomparable atmosphere that give restaurants and bars that are near; in these delicious national dishes and foreign can savour is also seafood. Weekends feature music or live concerts that give a Bohemian touch.

Accommodations there are some places where you can spend the night, among them can be mentioned: Roots, Papaya Surf Lodge, EcoSurf, Casa Miramar, Paradizo blue. Although some people camping.

The days where there are more number of tourists is from Thursday to Sunday.


As for surfing, this place is very visited by its waves in which professional surfers show their skills, but there are also spaces for those wishing to learn the sport. $15 hour can take surf lessons and learn the basic techniques that requires this sport.

Here also are surfing tournaments, in fact also held tournaments around the world. The best months for surfing are between April and August, because it is the best season, in which the waves up to six meters high.

How to get there

To get to playa El Tunco, from San Salvador in Bolivar Park leave buses or minibuses. You can take route 102, 107, or 177, the passage costs $1.50 dollars. The ride is approximately 1 hour, and buses leave every 20 minutes from 6 in the morning until 7 o’clock.

In vehicle, from San Salvador, take the road to the port of La Libertad, arriving at the junction take the road of the coast toward El Malecón and follow up to 42 km. There are many signs indicating the way.

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