Playa La Puntilla

Beach La Puntilla is a place combining the departments of La Paz, Usulutan and San Vicente and is also quite place frequented by tourists especially for low costs offered by the merchants in the area, which makes it accessible to the pocket of those who want to have fun without spending much.

This site also is the mouth of the Lempa River, the largest river which flows through the country.

Playa La Puntilla

From this beach tourists can also embark on a boat and hereby go some places such as the estuary of Jaltepeque which is an area of mangrove trees which has a protected area to preserve the fauna and flora. Boat rides cost is variable, depending on the number of people and the distance travelled, although it is usually between $15 and $45 per trip.

The lace has a good number of first class restaurants to artisanal restaurants where the locals offer delicious dishes such as scallops, oysters, seafood and fish so tourists can enjoy their stay in the area.

In addition, from this place, you can visit the Tasajera island where it is possible to rent rooms to spend the day and enjoy the beach.

How to get?

La Puntilla beach is located at km 78, at the end of the Boulevard Costa del Sol. You can park your car in the small shops in the area from $1, if traveling by bus, take Route 495, from San Salvador, which runs along the coast and as a final destination, La Puntilla at a cost of $1.55 passage.

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