Prayer to the Salvadoran flag

Prayer to the Salvadoran flag is considered to be an important part of independence day celebrations in our country; It is specially recited in the month of September, when the patriotic fervor is reborn, it is recited by students of schools as a form of recognition of our flag.

Prayer to the Salvadoran flag

The flag of El Salvador prayer was written in the year of 1916 by the doctor David J. Guzmán, and is currently considered as a symbol of the homeland of El Salvador, since it was officially recognized as such by the Legislative Assembly on February 22, 2001. Prayer flag reads in the following manner:

Dios salve te, Patria Sagrada,
in your womb were born and loved;
you are the air that we breathe,
the land that sustains us,
the family that we love,
the freedom that we defend,
the religion that comforts us.

You have our dear homes,
fertile countryside,
majestic rivers,
superb volcanoes,
placid Lakes,
skies in purple and gold.

Golden spikes, they ripple in your fields
engines, they vibrate in your workshops
sizzling anvils,
arise the beauties of art.

your harmonious language
Providence we ask that you help,
to open our soul to the glow of the sky,
record in her sweet affection to the teacher and school
and gives us your holy love.

your history,
coat of arms of heroes and martyrs,
review virtues and aspirations;
You reverence the Act that established the national sovereignty
and makes the florida trail
where justice and freedom lead us towards God.

Flag of the fatherland,
sacred symbol of El Salvador,
greet you reverent new generations!

For you the life-giving Sun of our glories,
anthems of patriotism,
the laurels of the heroes.
For you the respect of peoples
and the Crown of love
that I now stick to your immortal temples.

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