Salvadoran coffee

The smell which causes the rain falling on the Earth and adobe walls that wet on a warm afternoon of Cacaopera, Morazán, has a peculiar scent of gray people’s children. Memories mingle with the fragrance of the coffee boiling in the back of the House of Doña Ana Julia Amaya, who has received us in the simplicity of your room. We settled with her in a few wooden benches on the edge of a table, while his sister takes care of cooking from a hammock.

Salvadoran coffee

The sky looks clear and the Indians know therefore that rain will be soft. The first drops fall by raising a fragile cloud of dust. The men have returned from their work in the field and have to quickly drink a cup of coffee, then go to any corner or in the foyer of the Church to play a game of cards.

Doña Ana knows coffee since it has memory. The recipe was inherited from his mother, who also inherited it from his mother. Cut the coffee bean and is put to dry in the Sun. When the grain is dry it is a “piladera” where is removed you shell hitting it with a mallet.

Then comes “the Strip”, which is to throw it in the air until it is only the seed. He begins to toast on the griddle and then it is ground until it is well fine; If you prefer corn powder is added so that it is not very strong. There are no exact measurements for a good cup of coffee.

Before bringing the grain to these lands, the Indians cooked a BREW of corn which was black and that was part of the diet, as well as stimulate feelings and keep them away from the dream. It was time after they learned to mix both.

Doña Ana adds sticks of cinnamon and a little pepper until it achieves a delicious aromatic coffee, accompanied with a salpora or “chachama” after daily work delights the body, heart and spirit. The use of coffee is not limited to the kitchen, because it is often also used as a tonic for weak people: will whisk an egg of Indian chicken with coffee and placed in a cloth over the chest covered when there is a lack of appetite.

Night has tended his cloak on the village and the grandparents give way to legends and stories; in this way the memory of our people is rescued in an informal manner. The wooden doors are closed until the next morning when the men, before heading out to the field, with the crowing of the cock, drink a steaming cup of coffee. Between blow and blow to lighten and take advantage of the cool of the morning, the BREW is consumed in a short time.

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