Salvadoran minutas

No doubt that when the Salvadoran people hear the word “minutas”  comes to their minds that delight made of ice grinding or scraping spray of fruit syrup, like strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, and others.

The Salvadoran “minutas” are the dessert, candy, desire, (I don’t know how to call it), that are sold everywhere in El Salvador in the streets by the “Minuteros” (which means the lord, who sells minutes) they can be as easily identified as Lords who are pushing an old wooden wheelbarrow, with a lot of bottles filled with different colored syrups and plastic with a tip so that the syrup can be easily sprayed on the ice.

Salvadoran minutas of flavors

The “Minutero” also leads in your cart a great ice marqueta wrapped in plastic, which is surrounded by salt, with the purpose that the ice will do not melt quickly by the hot sun and heat, (characteristic climate of our country).

You shouldn’t  forget that if the “Minutero” does not hold that title if he doesn’t have an ice scraper, which is a piece of metal with the marqueta scrape that also serves to store the ice with comfort and the put it in the glass, then comes the turn of customer to say to the “Minutero”  that you want minutas, he will put ice in a glass and then  comes the chosen syrups to be generously sprayed.

Some “Minuteros” have a delicious tamarind jelly for the minutas, also they put the top (“La guinda“)  to the minutas, and others, (the most sophisticated)  put pieces of banana and other fruits it.

It is curious, that in general, the jar or deposit plastic that the “Minutero” used to save tamarind jelly, it is  always surrounded by wasps or bees, so more of once, a customer will receive their minutas with one or two wasps or bees muddy with jelly.

There are some (believe that rather, some) that when they ask for the minutas, ask her lemon, i.e., they just want that crushed ice is sprayed lemon, salt and chile, which, frankly, is too sour for my taste. Finally, the timer gives you a plastic spoon and proceeds to collect the minutas.

There are some (mostly woman) that when they ask for the minutas, always choose the lemon one, i.e. they just want the “Minuta” with spray of lemon, salt, and chile,  (frankly, is too sour for my taste). Finally, the “Minutero” gives you a plastic spoon and proceeds charge you the minuta.

Salvadoran minutas of fruits

While it is true that the minutas are especially coveted in the most hotter months, but anytime and anywhere you can buy one, to a “Minutero“, or from a kiosk in the malls. If you buy a “Minuta” in a mall you can choose 5 or 6 more flavors of syrups, and 12 and 20 flavors. Of course, there will be an obvious difference price.

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