Salvadoran whistles

The Salvadoran whistles are well known in our country, since they serve as food accompanying some meals. The best-known forms of preparation are: Tin freídos Tin soup with egg.

Pitos Salvadoreños

Whistles soup is very famous for its somniferous properties, i.e. that many people say they feel symptoms of deep sleep by consuming soup of whistles. In el Salvador it is customary to use the term: “Dormime pito soup” to know when something is boring us or gives us dream for not being interesting.

The horns grow on trees and are coloured red, are called thus because by blowing them a small sound is heard as if whistle (or whistle). If they are not cut off, grow on the tree and of them forms a pod of dark having some seeds of red, as if they were beans inside.

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