The Barra de Santiago

The Barra de Santiago is a beach which is located to the South of the town of Jujutla, in the Department of Ahuachapán, El Salvador. This beach also includes a wide and very well preserved extension of mangroves where you can appreciate an immense variety of native and migratory birds and seven species of mangrove.

La Barra de Santiago

Turtles nesting, laying its eggs on the shore of the beach can also be found at night, and although these tend to be collected by people who then sell them, in the last few years some organizations were concerned about this and have decided to create fields where are born and then release turtles, since some species are endangered.

In “La Barra”, as some call this place, visitors can enjoy fresh and varied dishes from the sea, offered in small businesses.

By the side of the stream, the waters are ideal for sports such as swimming, kayaking, sailing and water skiing. In addition, when there is high tide, sea can go in through the mouth of El Zapote.

The area where the mangroves, covering an extension 11,519 hectares between the municipalities of San Francisco Menéndez, Jujutla and Acajutla was declared as a Ramsar site in 2014, which means that it is considered as a wetland or an area of the utmost importance that must be protected for the development of species, conservation of the ecosystem and sustainable use for the benefit of humanity.

How to get?

The Barra de Santiago is located at 98 kilometers from San Salvador, to the South of the town of Jujutla in Ahuachapán Department, on the road to CA-2W border with Guatemala.

Vehicle: On the road of the coastal CA-2, at the height of the km. 98.5 just before the bridge of the river El Naranjo, cross to the left following a street of terraseria in good condition which will lead you through channels to the village of Barra de Santiago or ‘the Valley’ as it is known locally.

Public transport: Out of San Salvador in the 205 who goes to Sonsonate, Sonsonate terminal low and asks for the bus goes toward Barra de Santiago.

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