University of El Salvador

The University of El Salvador (also known by its acronym UES) is considered to be the institution’s largest and oldest higher education that exists in El Salvador, and is the only public University in the country. The headquarters is encuenta located in Ciudad Universitaria, San Salvador; but it also has other regional campuses in the cities of Santa Ana, San Miguel and San Vicente.

University of El Salvador

The University of El Salvador consists of nine historic faculties in the nation’s capital and other three multidisciplinary faculties providing total 169 higher education careers. UES is considered a political force due to its academic, student and administrative significance and its infrastructure, which has been reflected in different eras of importance in El Salvador; Since the end of the 19th century, the time of military authoritarianism, the civil war, the agreements of peace and today.

This institution has played a fundamental role in the process of development of the Salvadoran society on the educational, social, scientific, economic and political fields. Some of the most important characters in the history of El Salvador have been formed in this place.

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  • Address: 25 Avenue North end, San Salvador
  • Phone: 2511 – 2000
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