Departmental heads of El Salvador

The departmental heads of El Salvador are regarded as the Centre of each Department, for legal and administrative purposes. The term “header” refers to head or the main part of something. It is therefore important to know the geography of our country as well as its political division.

El Salvador is divided into 14 departments, distributed into three zones (West, central and East). Here are the heads of the departments of El Salvador so that you know them.

Departmental heads of El Salvador

Departmental heads of El Salvador

List of the 14 departmental capitals of El Salvador.

  1. Ahuachapán ————————- Ahuachapán
  2. Santa Ana —————————- Santa Ana
  3. Sonsonate —————————- Sonsonate
  4. Chalatenango ———————— Chalatenango
  5. La Libertad ————————– Santa Tecla
  6. San Salvador ———————— San Salvador
  7. Cuscatlán —————————- Cojutepeque
  8. La Paz ——————————– Zacatecoluca
  9. Cabañas —————————— Sensuntepeque
  10. San Vicente ————————– San Vicente
  11. Usulután —————————– Usulután
  12. San Miguel ————————— San Miguel
  13. Morazán —————————— San Francisco Gotera
  14. La Unión —————————– La Unión

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