Chaparrastique volcano

It is the Chaparrastique volcano, also known as San Miguel volcano, is a volcano which is located to the southeast of the Department of San Miguel, at an altitude of 2,130 metres above the sea level.

Chaparrastique volcano

This volcano is quite visible from nearby due to its altitude. During the summer, some tourists take advantage of that altitude to climb, however to do so there must be a prior planning, and it is also advisable to take a police escort, usually requested two weeks in advance through the delegation of Chinameca, in whose jurisdiction is located the volcano.

For this, it usually sends a request in writing with the names of the persons who will accompany the group. There is nothing to pay, but should definitely be food and water enough for all. The ascent begins near a coffee plantation in the community of Placitas, front of the Pan-American Highway, if you don’t know how to get the police will guide you.

Most of the people who decide to take this hike to the volcano of San Miguel left their cars at the entrance of the plantation and continue the journey on foot, following the street which is very steep and seemingly endless, with many curves through the coffee plantations.

Once you pass the coffee plantations you will find with a thick grass and many matarrales then get to a part where it is observed an almost lunar landscape without plants. All this to get to the top only need a tour of at least one kilometre or less (45 minutes walking), this part is very steep and rocky. When you reach the top you will see stunning views of Eastern El Salvador, its hills, the coast and a patchwork of farms and plantations.

The crater of the volcano Chaparrastique is hundreds of meters deep, with Brown stripes, black and white on the walls and a jumble of rocks at the bottom. It can be cold and windy in the part superior, therefore it is recommended to take a sweatshirt and sunscreen, and, of course, a good shoe. The time for this adventure is estimated at about eight hours for the ascent and descent.

In these last days make this tour is recommended previously authorization previously, since its last eruption of ash (December 29, 2013), the volcano is in a period of activity.

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