10 Typical drinks of El Salvador

One of the traditional drinks of El Salvador is called “Atoll” which is prepared with corn and water. The  Salvadorians have different kinds of atolls prepared just with not only corn-based, like the tradition of our ancestors because you can enjoy a variety of delicious drinks, among the most outstanding are atol’s seed, cashew, pineapple atol, atol de elote, atol of piñuela and the traditional chuco atol. Also, it’s important to say that Atolls are beverages that go back the historical past.

Typical drinks of El Salvador

The atole word comes from the Nahuatl “atolli”, that means watery, and “ATL”, (is water and tol). This drink has a Prehispanic origin, which is consumed by mainly in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and other Central American countries.

In its original form, it has a sweet cooking of maize in water, in proportions such that at the end of the cooking has a moderate viscosity and served as hot as possible.

It is very common that beverage is seasoned with spices such as cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, anise, orange blossom, Orange leaves and other flavorings that are used to enhance their flavor. Here we bring you some of the most outstanding typical drinks that you can enjoy in this country.

1. Atol de marañón

This drink contains seeds of the Marañon, what are toasted and ground. Also, It’s prepared jointly with cow’s milk, sugar, and cinnamon.

2. Atol de elote

The atol history, dates back to immemorial times, where the ancient Mayan culture prepared it, for the reason that the drink was a quick and easy way to ingest the necessary calories for the day. They flavored with cocoa, herbs, and sweeteners like honey. Now it’s prepared with fresh corn, which is added milk, cinnamon, and sugar.

3. Piñuela atol

This drink is made of the fruit of the “Pinal“, that is usually used as a fence in the field, is small and its fruits seems like light bulbs and are given in the form of wedges. These piñuelas are cut from one end  and cooked. Then, they are then prepared with water, rice powder, sweet brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt.

 4. Atol chuco or shuco

This traditional atol is the oldest drink. In the Nahuatl language, its  meaning is fermented corn atoll. Its taste is bitter and slightly salty. It has a brownish opaque surface of dirty color and It is served usually in “Guacal” of Morro.

5. Chilate

The “Chilate”  is a beverage made of corn with that different seasonings and modes of preparation (Depends on the place of Masoamerica). Is Cooking with ash water and its use is purely ceremonial. Also, It is usually accompanied by “nuegados” of corn, cassava, or eggs; banana, pumpkin, potato in a sweet honey pot or “atado de dulce“.

6. Rice pudding

It’s a typical dessert of the cuisine of many countries that is made slowly cooking the rice in milk with sugar. It’s served hot or cold and it’s often added cinnamon, vanilla or lemon peel to aromatise it

7. Poleada milk

It is a Salvadoran dessert of a thick consistency, is prepared with milk, egg yolks, sugar and a touch of cinnamon. The rice flour is usually  used to decorate the dessert with cinnamon powder and raisins.

8. Hot chocolate

This delicious preparation is made by extracting cocoa nut butter mixed with sugar, making a sweet paste that is soluble in water and milk,  the people also tend to add it cinnamon or clove spices. This drink is typically served warm at breakfast or in the evening, with bread and pies.

9. Nance liquor

Nance tree is commonly found in the tropics for the reason that is native to Mexico and Central America. When the Nance is well ripe wine is sweet, but may also have an acidic taste. This fruit has a strong aroma and as other homemade wines, the fermentation is important to increase the flavor.

10. Horchata

The word “Horchata” comes from the Catalan language of orxata, which is probably derived from the word “ordieta” that has a meaning of barley.

This typical drink is one of the most preferred by Salvadorans because is delicious. It has a milky consistency that is made of a variety of seeds such as chufa, cocoa, rice, Sesame, linseed, almonds and several others, but the Salvatorians tend to use just only Morro, cocoa, cinnamon and sesame seed in their drinks.

You can find this delicious drinks in all Salvadoran food restaurants!

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