Traditional Salvadoran cuisine

Referred to as “Cuisine” to culinary techniques passed down from generation to generation. In all peoples, and at the universal level there are certain kinds of foods that are unique to a particular region or a reflection of the local culture. For example, the material from which they are made manifest an important element of the everyday life of the place.

Traditional Salvadoran cuisine

In the case of El Salvador, the maize has played an important role both in their material life as spiritual. In the past, this was part of their diet, but was also an integral part of their religious conceptions. Its importance in the ancient Americas appears to contemplate the Maya maize God.

Traditional Salvadoran cuisine reflects reminiscent of former Salvadoran peoples and their customs, always keeping the main element: the corn as current as it makes ten centuries or more. Currently produce corn: tamales, tortillas, different types of atol, sauces, beverages such as “coffee of corn” and “corn chicha” (intoxicating drink).

In addition to corn, beans, squash and other native plants of Mesoamerica formed and currently form the basic products of the traditional diet in El Salvador. We can generalize that all or almost all of the rural area of El Salvador, meal times are divided into three: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the rural area at breakfast tortilla with beans, cheese or salt they eat and drink coffee; during lunch they eat tortillas, rice, vegetables or beans and salt; the dinner consists of the same breakfast.

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