Aguacateros dogs

In El Salvador the dogs commonly get used to call them “Chuchos”. And thus it is we are aguacateros dogs (or avocados dogs), which are dogs that do not belong to any race, or is a mixture of several breeds. Street dogs are also aguacateros.

Aguacatero dog

It is not known exactly why they are called as well. I remember reading a work of Salvadoran literature that possibly they are given that name because in ancient times, in the field, people did not have much to eat, and dogs went out occasionally to eat avocados to farms.

And it is that aguacaterosĀ dogs are not “happy”, eat whatever, from trash, leftovers, and any Edible thing on the street. They eat single tortilla, compared to the dogs that need to eat only meat or special food. They are hunters by instinct and need, in the field it is customary to take them to hunt animals such as garrobos and other species.

Salvadorans, on more than one occasion have had aguacaterosĀ dogs as pets in our homes. They care strictly their territory and their masters. A well-groomed dog can live up to about 16 years.

Aguacateros dogs are a very noble animal and faithful companion, who can follow us into the good or the bad.

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