Alfredo Espino (biography)

Alfredo Espino is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding poets of El Salvador. It is also popularly known as the child poet, since in his short life he was always dedicated to the letters. Alfredo Espino was born on January 8, 1900 in the Department of Ahuachapán.

Alfredo Espino (biography)

It was the second of eight children of Alfonso Espino poet and educator Enriqueta Najarro, which could be the basis so that he will devote himself to poetry. In reliable academic, Alfredo studied at the Faculty of jurisprudence and social sciences from the University of El Salvador, between the years of 1920 and 1927. He also collaborated in the Lumen and student Opinion, magazines like the newspaper the press and journal of el Salvador.

Alfredo Espino only wrote 96 poems gathered at sad GOURDS in 1930, divided into six parts: Casucas, Bohio Auras, sweetness, Panoramas and Aromas, birds of legend and El Alma del Barrio. With a delicate poetic, presented in a simple, easy-to-grasp style. His poems are exposed El Salvador, lush landscape.

The last years of his life were pretty unhappy, due to the refusal of his parents that he is married. This caused him some emotional imbalances which made it fall into the habit of alcohol and lead a life of Bohemian bars and brothels.

Alfredo Espino died in San Salvador, El Salvador, on May 24, 1928 due to an alcohol crisis. He was buried in San Salvador’s General Cemetery, his remains rest in the gardens of remembrance, in the place of the crypt of the poets.

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