Arturo Ambrogi (biography)

Arturo Ambrogi was a poet and Salvadoran journalist who was born in San Salvador on October 19, 1875 and died in the same town on November 8, 1936. It is considered one of the precursors of modernism in Latin America. In his career he stressed as chronicler and author of manners tales; his works written in prose and his living narrative bring us closer to the facts and make us to be part of them.

Arturo Ambrogi (biography)

His literary works began to be published in the 1880’s. Arturo Ambrogi worked as editor and journalist positions in national of his time (the Figaro, the literary week, Journal of el Salvador, the fortnight, the Salvadoran youth) and Chilean newspapers (La Ley, Santiago, and El Heraldo de Valparaiso).

In El Salvador, he served in the positions of director of the national library, collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and censor of the press during the regime of Maximiliano Hernández Martínez. He was also a member of the Academia Salvadoreña de la Lengua.

He was also a tireless traveller. He visited Europe, South America, near and far East, places that got lots of impressions and experiences for several of his books.

Works of Arturo Ambrogi

  •  Bibelots (1893)
  • Cuentos y fantasías (1895)
  • Manchas, máscaras y sensaciones (1901)
  • Al agua fuerte (1901)
  • Sensaciones crepusculares (1904)
  • Marginales de la vida (1912)
  • El tiempo que pasa (1913)
  • Sensaciones del Japón y de la China (1915)
  • Crónicas marchitas (1916)
  • El libro del trópico (1918)
  • El Jetón (1936)

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