Claudia Lars

Margarita del Carmen Brannon Vega, known by his pseudonym Claudia Lars (Armenia, December 20, 1899 – San Salvador, July 22, 1974), was a Salvadoran poet. His work is considered a refined lyricism and command of the metric.

Claudia Lars

His parents were Irish Peter Patrick Brannon and the Salvadoran Carmen Vega Zelayandía. During his childhood she was friend of Consuelo Suncín, wife who was Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. She began his education at home and subsequently studied at the La Asunción College of the city of Santa Ana.

In his teens, and thanks to general Juan José Cañas, did that a booklet of poems of his were published under the name sad mirages. Also, she began a relationship with the Nicaraguan poet Salomon de la Selva in 1919, but his parents broke the relationship and sent the girl to the United States where she met Leroy Beers, her first husband. In this country she taught English at the Berlitz school in Brooklyn.

Brannon returned to El Salvador with her husband in 1927, having been appointed United States consul, and that same year gave birth to their only son Leroy Beers Brannon. At the same time, she conversed with the intellectuals of the era, among them Salarrué, Alberto Trigueros war, Serafín Quiteño, and Alberto Masferrer. In 1933, she began to use the pseudonym Claudia Lars. She published the libroEstrellas well in 1934 and also participated in lyrical radio programmes for children. Similarly, she collaborated in the home of the children of El Diario de Hoy. On the other hand, at this time is credited with initiating an affection for the writer Salarrué, which was not carried by the family commitments of the latter.

At the beginning of the next decade, Claudia Lars won second place in the floral games of the Novembrina fair in Guatemala, carried out en1941, thanks to his work, sonnets of the Archangel. Some of his creations would be also published as the House of glass (Santiago de Chile, 1942), North and South (1946), sonnets and city Romances under my voice (1947), winner of the Memorial event of the IV centenary of the title of city of San Salvador.

In these years, Claudia Lars, as added cultural El Salvador Embassy, left for Guatemala in 1948 where she met her second husband, Carlos Samayoa Chinchilla, from whom they would divorce in 1967. However, before marriage, it endured a hectic life that worked packing peaches in the United States, translating cartoons for Walt Disney, and collaborating to Salvadoran anti-fascist newspaper.

Returning to El Salvador, she worked in the Department Publishing House of the Ministry of culture (current Directorate of publications and printed) where she directed the magazine culture. Publications from this period were: where are the steps (1953), school of birds (1955), Fable of a truth (1959) and the land of childhood memories.

Other works of Claudia Lars were awarded in the following years, such as on the angel and man, second place in the national competition of culture of 1962 and the thin dawn, shared first prize in the Juegos Florales of Quezaltenango in 1965. In addition, a compilation of his work was elaborated by Matilde Elena López with the name selected works. Before his death she obtained a doctorate Honoris cause from the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas, being also awarded the order of José Matías Delgado.

Posthumously would be disclosed later, printed poetry by College Publisher, and David Escobar Galindo also produced her best poems, published by the Directorate of publications in 1976. In 1999, in commemoration of the centenary of his birth, the National Council for culture and the arts published two volumes of his complete poetry, compiled by Carmen González Huguet.

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