Miguel Ángel Espino

Miguel Angel Espino was born on December 17, 1902 in Santa Ana and died on October 1, 1967 in Mexico. A remarkable writer was, journalist and lawyer Salvadoran.

From an early age Miguel Angel Espino was devoted to write texts, literary and journalistic, since he was born in a family dedicated to poetry and which include his father Alfonso Espino and his brother Alfredo Espino.

Miguel Ángel Espino

His first work published it at the age of 17 years and became known with the name of Mythology of Cuscatlán, which was from another point of view some of the legends and popular myths of El Salvador as the Siguanaba and the Cipitío. Its main feature in his writings was the narrative prose described in a bold way.

During the around Central magnificent of 20 years was working as a journalist in some national newspapers of the time.

Some do see subtle differences with his brother, that despite having grown up together, Miguel was more realistic in his writings that his brother Alfredo.

The twilight of his career came in the year of 1953 due to a stroke that prevented him to continue writing; later his family moved him to Mexico where he lived the last years of his life away from his country.

Works by Miguel Angel Espino

  • Mitología de Cuscatlán (1921)
  • Como Cantan Allá (1926)
  • Trenes (1940)
  • Hombres Contra la Muerte (1947)

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