Beatification of Archbishop Romero

The beatification of Archbishop Romero, prior to what will be his canonization is news that Salvadorans waited a long time hoping to have the first saint in the country step. The beatification of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, will be on May 23, in the Plaza del Divino Salvador del Mundo, in San Salvador.

Beatification of Archbishop Romero

For Romero, note that the Vatican has taken well declare it as a saint through the path of martyrdom, which need not be checked miracles, it is sufficient to have evidence that the person has been someone which has delivered and fought for others; and this is thanks to the approval of Pope Francis, based on a hearing of December 20, 2012 where the Catholic Church attended to the then Pope Benedict XVI.

The news was announced a few days ago by the Vatican envoy, Vincenzo Paglia, in a press conference after a meeting with the president of the republic. Also it was also mentioned that they have begun to make efforts for the canonization of the Jesuit priest Rutilio Grande.

As detailed, the beatification ceremony will be led by Cardinal Angelo Amato who is currently the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, thus discarding the Pope’s visit to the country Francisco for that date.

The charge of the case, Bishop Rafael Urrutia, said the date coincides with the anniversary of the consecration of Archbishop Romero as bishop of the Catholic Church and it was decided to hold the event in Salvador del Mundo square, because it is a symbolic place in this country, where there is also a memorial to Romero.

To this religious celebration of May 23 are expected to attend more than one thousand priests and more than 200 bishops also speak at least half a million people coming from all parts of El Salvador and the world.

In an interview with local television Auxiliary Bishop Monsignor Rosa Chavez emphasized that the church in El Salvador’s interest that Monsignor Romero “us all” and praised the figure of Salvadoran martyr, who he said “is a man of God” always preached peace, for unity, for the poor.


On March 24, 1980, while celebrating Mass in the chapel of Divine Providence Hospital in San Salvador Miramonte colony, a shot struck the heart of the priest.

In 1993 the Truth Commission, a body created by the Chapultepec Peace Accords, Mexico, to investigate the most serious crimes committed during the armed conflict, concluded that the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero was executed by a sniper.

Thirty-one years after the fact repudiated, it was learned that the murderer of Samayor Marino Acosta Romero was a Deputy Sergeant Section II of the defunct National Guard, who said that the order to commit the crime received Roberto d’Aubuisson Senior .

Beatification and Canonization

In a beatification, which is recognized is that someone has entered heaven and can intercede for those who pray in his name. To appoint someone Blessed, the Church recognizes that led a virtuous and holy life.

In a canonization, proclaims someone as holy and will be included in the canon, ie entering an official list of saints. A person has canonized confirmation that has a beatific vision, that is, the Church is certain that the saint has a divine privilege and is in direct contact with God.

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