Treatment for Chikungunya

Many people seek treatment for Chikungunya that is effective for eliminating this disease in your body, but the truth is that so far there is something that is completely effective to cure, but if there are some things that can be done to recover as soon as possible.

Treatment for Chikungunya

Once recognize the symptoms of Chikungunya, the best thing you can do and as soon as possible is to keep a nearest health center to a doctor can examine you and prescribe appropriate medications. However, as we have seen above, the Chikungunya affects mostly joints preventing walk normally the person, which also prevents that you can move to a health center, especially in faraway places.

Fortunately this disease has a very minimal rate of mortality, however sooner is better, since the patient will see an improvement and feel rather to go gradually normalizing their pace of everyday life.

Treatment for Chikungunya

  • Keep bed rest, avoid as much as possible stand up unnecessarily.
  • Consume plenty of fluids, especially those containing vitamin C.
  • Avoid medications that contain aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), because it can alter blood clotting.
  • Consume acetaminophen to reduce fever, according to the dose recommended by your doctor, which usually tends to be: adults 500 mg – 1000 mg every 6 hours – up to 4 grams per day and children under 5 years 10-15 mg per kg of weight of the child, every 6 hours.
  • Some doctors also recommend using ibuprofen for pain in the joints; However in El Salvador doctors only recommend only taking acetaminophen.
  • Use a mosquito net while rest is kept, this will prevent that the sick person is chopped by mosquitoes, which then may bite other people in the House that could spread.

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