Only 9 km from the capital, and in the middle of green hills stands the town of Huizucar, adorned with beautiful scenery and a unique tranquility in its streets. It’s a town in fertile and varied crops, like coffee, banana, vegetables and other products.


However, what is striking in these days is the epilogue of the Flower Festival, which is the procession of the palms, during which the entire village is decked out with bright colours and a singular religiosity that overflows into the streets of the place. This celebration will be held tomorrow, Sunday, and will begin with mass in the Church El Calvario at 9:00 a.m.

This is a party similar to the of Panchimalco, which are decorated with colorful flowers coconut palms to thank the fertility of the fields.

Other attractions

Etymologically, Huizucar means “Road of bones”. “Is like the history of this town, which has had to go through many hardships to survive,” he says with an impressive popular philosophy Modesto, a villager.

But beyond that, people always have a smile to offer to the visitors who come to visit the attractions of the place.

The main attraction of Huizucar is the colonial church, erected about 1700 and retains various aspects such as decoration, Temple and altars almost intact. This is a construction that keeps many legends.

The walls of the temple are made of a mixture of adobe and stone, which reach a thickness of up to 1.50 m; the Interior columns are built with trunks of guachipilín, madre cacao, Balsam, copinol and guiliguishte; the side altars were carved by hand and are a mixture of Roman, Gothic and Baroque styles.

After this, you can visit the waterfall, located about 15 minutes from the town of Huizucar. There you will find a peaceful place where you can immerse yourself in its cool waters. The sidewalks are safe, although by the winter, could be smooth. At the end, the journey is worthwhile.

You can also search for “grandparents”, or elderly people that the old stories of the village, their ways of life and anecdotes of everyday life.

Huizucar awaits you to celebrate their procession and learn about their natural and historical sites.

How to get there

Huizucar is in the Department of La Libertad, 9 km from San Salvador, by what takes 15 minutes to reach the place, making an ideal ride for a morning or afternoon.

To get, follow straight from the pantry of don Juan of the top Street, this path will take you to the town. By bus, you must deal with route 39, which you can take in the vicinity of the top supermarkets.

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