Cerro El Pital, a natural landscape surrounded by mountains

The air is pure and cold. The breathtaking view. It is one of the hard-to-forget ecotourism experiences. Its altitude 2730 meters above the sea level, makes it the highest part of the country. We refer to the cerro El Pital, in the municipality of San Ignacio, Chalatenango.

Cerro El Pital

The Hill is located to the Northwest of the country, on the mountain range Alotepeque Metapán and is one of the main tourist attractions of the Department, only 3 hours from the city of San Salvador and 10 km from the town.

Our journey to the highest part of the Hill started in San Ignacio, where we boarded a bus that took us along narrow roads to Rio Chiquito. On the journey to our first destination, beautiful scenery to the Summit made shorter road. Enormous pines, small birth of water, mountains, wildlife, and a pleasant climate marked the beginning of an unforgettable ride.

Already in Rio Chiquito, a small town at the foot of the Hill, we began the trek that would take us to the top. In this place, some hotels offer the visitor a comfortable space to relax. The walk continued, a narrow road that borders the slopes was showing us little by little the natural beauties of the area. Wild animals, repollales (one of the traditional crops), pines, streams and in the distance the San Salvador volcano emerges among the clouds.

After about hour and a half of road, we arrived at a plain to very few meters from the highest part of the Hill. You can here camping outdoors or stay in cabins that are in the way. The rest is a must. The time is suitable to savor a few berries, wild fruit that is grown in this area.

In the surroundings, tents of those who decided to spend the night. The temperature is cold and combines with white clouds, that at times, in its wake, cover trees of mountains and hills. A few meters, the sound of a guitar accompanies a group of young tourists.

As late afternoon, starts the path of return, under a soft drizzle. On the tour, the fatigue is rewarding with the beautiful landscapes. Back in San Ignacio, we return to the road to the city, to leave behind one of the natural beauties that make a single country of El Salvador.

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