La Paz (Department of El Salvador)

The Department of La Paz is located in the central area of our country, is limited with the departments of San Salvador, La Libertad, Cuscatlán, San Vicente and the Pacific Ocean. The territorial extension of La Paz is 1,223.61 Km2; of these 1,211.28 Km2 are located in rural areas and 12.23 Km2 in the urban area. This Department, according to the latest census of population and housing (2007) has a population of 307,836 inhabitants.

La Paz (Department of El Salvador)

Division policy of La Paz

For a better administration La Paz Department is divided into 22 municipalities, being its departmental capital the city of Zacatecoluca. The municipalities of La Paz are:

  1. Cuyultitán
  2. El Rosario
  3. Jerusalén
  4. Mercedes La Ceiba
  5. Olocuilta
  6. Paraíso de Osorio
  7. San Antonio Masahuat
  8. San Emigdio
  9. San Francisco Chinameca
  10. San Pedro Masahuat
  11. San Juan Nonualco
  12. San Juan Talpa
  13. San Juan Tepezontes
  14. San Luis La Herradura
  15. San Luis Talpa
  16. San Miguel Tepezontes
  17. San Pedro Nonualco
  18. San Rafael Obrajuelo
  19. Santa María Ostuma
  20. Santiago Nonualco
  21. Tapalhuaca
  22. Zacatecoluca (Principal City)

Geography and economy

In La Paz are the rivers that form part of the three major basins of the country: Pupuluya-Comalapa, Jiboa River rivers and the rivers Jalponga – the Lempa; Lake Ilopango (72.0 Km2); the Hill Volcancito (1,300 meters above the novel of the sea); the volcano of San Vicente or Chinchontepeque with more than 2,181 meters above the novel from the sea.

Some of the things that occur in the Department of La Paz are cane sugar, tobacco, citrus, coffee, and cotton; also manufactured dairy products; and products of the pottery industry. This Department is one of the most popular tourist from El Salvador, since in some beaches and hotels are.

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