Izalco volcano: The lighthouse of the Pacific

How many times we have heard stories about the colorful and impressive that was seen in activity at the volcano of Izalco.

They have those who had the opportunity to see it the red-hot lava which expelled the Izalco volcano seen from distant places, even achieved could be seen from many points seaward from the coast of the western part of El Salvador, and surrounding.

Izalco volcano

This brightness generated by the burning lava combined with the height of the volcano, the vast plain opposite the Izalco and proximity to the coast allowed this to become guides for ships that were sailing en route to the port of Acajutla, located in the Department of Sonsonate.

It is said that ships were guided by the reddish glow of incandescent lava to orient themselves on the high seas. It is for this reason that the volcano of Izalco is get him known as “The lighthouse of the Pacific”, by guide vessels en route to the port of Acajutla.

There are two versions about his training and the date it occurred. Both versions have something in common that their training was due to a crack at the foot of the Ilamatepec volcano or more known with the name of Santa Ana volcano.

The first of the two versions is the formation of the volcano of Izalco in the year of 1770 and was caused by a large very violent eruption which made the formation of the cone of the volcano of Izalco.

The other version is the formation of the volcano around 1722 and their training required over several years. This version presents think a crack at the foot of the Ilamatepec volcano which flowed: lava, stone and ash. With the passage of time this lava was solidifying and formed a small Cone, that with the continuous expulsions of lava and ash was rising more and more cone that formed the volcano of Izalco.

In this article you did not want to demonstrate or establish a version on the correct date when this majestic volcano was formed, but rather wanted to give a brief explanation of the because he is known as Faro del Pacifico to the volcano of Izalco. A curious note that can not be disregarded is that when the Izalco was in activity this was so colorful and attractive that it was decided to build a mountain hotel was built where a lookout area with view to the volcano.

This hotel was located on a mountain close to the volcano of Izalco, which is known as Cerro Verde. The funny thing is that when I finish building this hotel volcano cease its activity and since then to date has not returned to erupt.

Today the volcano of Izalco is visited by intrepid climbers who dare to take walks to visit its crater. This is visited especially by North American, European and national coming to the reasons of research and study or only do so for adventurous desires; Although we advise great prudence if ever someone decides to scale it and take a hike in the Izalco volcano, since the ground is very loose and Sandy type, as well as the inclination of the land.

The more it is recommended to be accompanied by an expert knowledge of routes of access to the crater of the volcano, and if desired could even camp on the top of the volcano of Izalco.

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