Jorge “Mágico” González

Jorge “Mágico” González is a character from the Salvadoran football born a March 13, 1958 in San Salvador, El Salvador; Óscar González parents and Victoria Barillas, was the youngest of eight brothers and the only one in practicing football professionally. He married Ana María de González, with whom he fathered three children. Besides she had several lovers with which two of them I Wed a son in Spain and the other in the United States.

Jorge "Mágico" González

Footballer, began his career at ANTEL, in 1975, where he remained for two seasons then move to Club Deportivo San Vicente independent for a season after a collective purchase of players. In 1977 was a week to test in Club Deportivo Guadalajara, although it ended up being hired by Club Deportivo FAS from Santa Ana, of the first Salvadoran division by 60000 colones.

His nickname comes from a match between the ANTEL and the Eagle Sports Club, match which ended 3-1 in favor of the Gonzalez. After their performance, the Sportscaster Rosalío Hernandez Colorado baptized him as “el mago”.

Their game served to classify the Salvadoran selection for the World Cup of Spain 82. In that world, Jorge González, the magic left flashes of his class despite the newcomers suffered the Salvadoran Assembly. Not for nothing magic was part of the best eleven of the world Spain 82, even though their selection lost all three games, marking only a goal. That was enough for Atletico Madrid, Cadiz, Aurora F.C., communications, Pumas of Mexico, the Aztecs angels, Club Universitario of Peru and Paris St. Germain, were interested in his services.

In 1991 he returned to El Salvador to sign for the Club Deportivo FAS, where he played until his retirement in 2000. In that year, he was summoned for the last time the national team of El Salvador.

In addition to all his fame with the people he has obtained many awards from the Government by naming it he son and Estadio Nacional Jorge “magico” Gonzalez, thus calling the former Stadium “Flor Blanca¨.

Jorge Mágico González is the all-time largest Salvadoran soccer player.

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