Los Blancos Beach

The fresh sea breeze, gray and a beach of large swells combine to give us welcomes you to one of the main attractions of El Salvador, located in the costa del sol; We refer to the San Antonio the white beach, in the Department of La Paz.

Los Blancos Beach

Located about 40 kilometers from the capital city, this beach is part of the well known costa del sol and is the ideal place for those who wish to Tan, practice some sport, take a break from the daily hustle and bustle or otherwise, experience the fascinating world of fishing.

One of the places of public access to this beach is the production cooperative Pesquera San Antonio the white, where it can find to stay from small ramadas, up to comfortable ranch with hammocks and chairs. In the place you can taste of rich dishes based on seafood or cocktails of shells, shrimp and ceviche.

However, in addition to offering a place of rest, the cooperative work is complemented by the artisanal fisheries, whose production depends on many families in the area.

Long work of fishermen

In this beach fishing starts very early in the morning, when the first boats of the cooperative go to sea to pull nets in blue marine waters and that hours later will be removed with the catch of the day, which would meet the sustenance of families of cooperators.

In the white, it is common to see the flit of pelicans and gulls when they approach the boats of fishermen, just when they pick up the tramallos (networks) and reviewed the fruit of a long task of fishing, which is then sold at good prices. Birds are as precious food inedible fish for human beings or that network products suffer any damage.

Travel with fishermen is an adventure since the birds literally surround the boat waiting for their food, but also because they serve as a guide to fishermen to tell them where in the immense sea moves a school or group of fish.

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