San Salvador volcano (Boqueron)

Quezaltepeque volcano is located to the West of the city of San Salvador and is a complex massif which includes peaks: Picacho (1,967 meters above sea level) and wild boar (1,397 ft). The crater of known as “El Boquerón”, has a diameter of 1,500 m and is situated at 1,800 m altitude.

San Salvador volcano (Boqueron)

Previously there was a Lake within the Boqueron, but it disappeared during the eruption of 1917, that left in place a mini volcano popularly known as Boqueroncito. It is possible to visit it but you need to have an excellent physical condition since the rise of return is challenging. The visit is complemented by a tour between plantations of vegetables that you can buy to the locals.

Anchovy is just 20 minutes, located to the North of plaza Merliot, in the area of el Boquerón may be excellent walks walking around its edge, in the South West has a subtropical forest, and can appreciate the beauty of the wildlife, as well as species of violets in the trunks of the trees.

No doubt is a great option to enjoy nature and beauty of the country. In the area of the volcano you can have an atmosphere of rest between viewpoints and trails of coffee and fruits, some of the restaurants located here are: firstly the newly opened restaurant “Don Pepe”, which opened with the specialty in India chicken soup, very close to this ecological garden, “Coffee of the volcano”, which boasts beautiful facilities and offers special dishes.

In the towards el Boquerón hotel and restaurant “Cabañas el Boqueron”, which offers its guests beautiful and comfortable cabins so you can sit and enjoy more time climate, 5 minutes before arriving at the volcano can enjoy a coffee and delicious dessert in “Coffee San Cristobal”, featuring a viewpoint of tourism within their facilities and are also typical dishes.

A few minutes from the city, always in the area there is Restaurant Café Miranda, and there same can be adventure speak you of “Canopy at El Boqueron”, that surely upload adrenaline and also allow you to contemplate its landscapes more closely. The visitor can obtain connection to the heart of the lush nature that El Salvador offer to national and international tourists providing an adventure tourism and ecotourism that protects the environment while helping the community to develop in a sustainable manner. With a good attendance of specialized guides, visitors can enjoy several travel and for different platforms that make up the Park, located in Nejapa, Quezaltepeque, coffee plantations at altitudes ranging from 1011 m meters above the sea.

Also you will find La Finca El Espino, for some years, has an “Eco-Park El Espino”, of 550 apples. This territory is part of the forest reserve, protected by the law of the environment. Lung in the metropolitan area of San Salvador is cataloged for its contribution of oxygen and water resources for the area. The reserve is located in the South-southeast skirt of the San Salvador volcano, between the municipalities of Santa Tecla, Antiguo Cuscatlán, and San Salvador. It has an elevation of up to 1,200 meters above sea level. It is situated in the calm Tropical Savannah, where the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius, the Ecopark is a habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species. The main thing that you will find are the planted shade coffee. In addition you can see pine-trees, one of them with more than 50 years, a beautiful Amate’s 90 years, which has become one of main attractions, ceibas, pepetos, cedar, fruit trees, among other diversities of species.

Also worth mentioning a suspension bridge, a viewpoint, a cabin reservation can be rented, games for kids, many paths for walking by them. They can practice sports such as mountain biking, enjoy the excellent view of all the metropolitan area of San Salvador. In the same way you have the opportunity to enjoy the “Park national el Boqueron”, which is located in the crater of the volcano of San Salvador, which boasts viewpoints, birdwatchers and nature trails, rest areas, areas of tourist information, receipt for tourist, scenic views, parking, wide and beautiful fauna and diversity impressive flora, with a schedule very accessible from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Croquis El Boqueron

Croquis El Boqueron



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