El Salvador coat of arms

The national coat of El Salvador was created by the Salvadoran calligrapher Rafael Barraza Rodriguez, who triumphed over thirty competitors in an event promoted by the then Ministry of War and Navy, in 1912 competition; said shield has been an inspiration for many writers and poets that have taken place over the years, different interpretations of its symbolism.

National Coat of El Salvador

The equilateral triangle, told them, is the symbol of Trinitarian old slogan of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The two open seas, the spirit of a people in constant communion and solidarity with other free nations. The five volcanoes giants, emerged in a fragosa implies, means the bravery of race, disrupted plots of the Patria Grande and the beginning of our nationality, emphasized the legend that surrounds the drawing.

The sky filled with luminous transparency, represents the glory, heroism and sacrifice for freedom. The Phrygian cap crowned by the legend that consecrated our sovereignty, the symbol of liberation from foreign rule. The iris of peace, the path by which Central America must march towards achieving their high destiny. The five flags, in which the colors of the federal teaches preserved the heritage of our forefathers and the dream of Morazán.

The fourteen segments of the branches of laurel representing the 14 departments of the Republic and are a celebration of the glory that aspire along the path of peace, work and progress. Based on joining the bouquets, the legend “GOD, UNION, FREEDOM” which specifies our belief in a Higher Power that governs everything, unity and harmony which requires the running of the Salvadoran family towards a better future and indomitable appears libertarian spirit of the people, who preferred the unequal struggle and death, to foreign subjugation.

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