Chalchuapa: A city among ruins and museums

Chalchuapa is a town which is located 16 kilometres from the city of Santa Ana, shortly before arriving at the Department of Ahuachapán, El Salvador.

The city of Chalachuapa, whose indigenous name means “City which has Jadeite”, possesses great cultural attractions that make it a true tourist destination, which should can not miss at any time of the year.

Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

The city of Chalchuapa, currently, has three museums, where various artifacts and objects from the pre-Columbian and colonial era of this city are kept.

One of these museums is called “Casablanca”, and is located in the outskirts of the city. This place holds an exhibition of pottery, sculpture and other artifacts that have been found in area of 400 square metres comprising the site. In addition to this exhibition, Casablanca also offers a tour of the different structures, pyramids, have been rescued in recent years.

In this place there is a small workshop of dye with Indigo. Here, visitors have the opportunity to meet all the process of elaboration of indigo dye, since the seed is planted until the final process of inking. In addition, Casablanca invites stakeholders to create your own designs on blanket while visiting the Museum.

Within the city, just to the side of the cemetery, can be found already known Tazumal Archaeological site. This consists of a series of pyramids and ceremonial parks that were used in pre-Columbian times to perform rites and sacrifices. The site has its own Museum, which contains some of the artifacts and tools found in the area, also shows, by means of models, which is the extension, projected site, since most of it is, still, under the ground.

Another attraction of the city is its colonial church, which, besides having beautiful stained glass windows and altars, has its own Museum, displays various images of Saints, which were collected throughout the city.

How to get there

If you leave San Salvador, take the road that leads towards West. When you arrive at the height of Colón, take the road to Santa Ana. Once you arrive at the detour that there is between the “Dark city” and the Department of Ahuachapán, take the road that leads to the latter. Before coming to this place, you can find different labels, which will take you to the end of your destination.

The Archaeological Museum of Casablanca is located right at the entrance of Chalchuapa.

If you want the ruins of Tazumal, the only thing you need to do is enter the city, and ask anyone. The entrance to these archeological sites is $0.60 for each visitor.

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