Turicentro Ichanmichen

All persons who work need to visit quiet places to rest during the weekends. The tourist Ichanmichen is an excellent choice for rest, surrounded by leafy trees and other goodness that mother nature gives us.

Turicentro Ichanmichen

The tourist center Ichanmichen, along with many other scattered throughout the territory of El Salvador, is regarded as a natural natural recreation area. Ichanmichen has important natural resources, which have served as the basis for the development of an infrastructure and a series of cultural, sports and recreational activities.

The main objective of this and all other Salvadoran Comando is serving families guanacas. This is why Salvadorans lovers of peace and tranquillity to flock to this resort to ease the tensions of a stressful week of responsibilities, both at work, home or school.

The name of this resort comes from the Nahuatl and means the cave of the fish. It is very likely that Ichanmichen was so named because in many water births in which formerly abounded fish are.

Ichanmichen is located at the height of kilometer 63 towards the road that leads to the municipality of Zacatecoluca. This destination has a stretch of 43 blocks, in which an infinite number of magical places you can find to share with loved ones. The maximum attraction that has Ichanmichen are the different sources of crystal clear water and unspoiled nature, without forgetting its quiet atmosphere.

Ichanmichen was inaugurated in the year of 1956 by the then President of the Republic Colonel Oscar Osorio. As the years passed the turicentro was deteorioro little by little. It was up to in the mid-1990s during which there was a significant renovation of Ichanmichen.

The Salvadoran Institute of tourism (ISTU), aware of this invaluable treasure, has made an effort to rescue its environmental quality. This great work is not only to take care of nature, but also to improve gardens, playgrounds, cabins, locker room, ponds and many other things. The refurbishment not only helps to maintain a good aesthetic of the place, but it also attracts more people to visit it.

Finally, a renovation to the place brings greater security to families who seek some peace and quiet and have fun at your leisure with the beings who most love.

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