San Vicente

Ask me where is, where is San Vicente, I tell you, I tell where is everyone… reach the Valley of Jiboa River as famous… Suddenly, alas, suddenly, alas, in November I go pa’ San Vicente.

San Vicente, El Salvador

Many who are far from the Valley of Jiboa, would like to shout to all lung “in November I’m going pa’ St. Vincent”, as it says is immortalized here, San Vicente song… where will all the people.

San Vicente is located 60 kilometers to the East of our capital city, in the Jiboa Valley on the slopes of the Chichontepec.

The year of 1658 was created the province of San Vicente, in the Mayor of San Salvador. By constitutional article of June 12, 1824 was erected the Department of San Vicente.

On October 4, 1834 the city of San Vicente de Lorenzana and Austria was designated as capital of the State of El Salvador.

St. Vincent celebrates its Patron Saint from 1 to January 30. It is a religious holiday itself, which is under the direct responsibility of the priests of the Cathedral of San Vicente. Celebrate in honor to the Lord of Esquipulas, in the Temple of the “shrine”, located in the sanctuary of the city.

The tourist sites of San Vicente are without a doubt the Comando de Amapulapa, Apastepeque, lagoons and lagunetas, Blacks Beach, seismic and Tehuacan Canyon archaeological ruins. In addition to the beautiful valley of Jiboa, and manual textile centres of San Sebastian.

Miguel Santín del Castillo, Doroteo Vasconcelos, José Marín, among others, have been heads of State originating in this area of the country, in addition to Domingo Santos, José María Cornejo and Marcelino García Flamenco, are the outstanding characters of San Vicente.

Go a fraternal greeting to those who for various reasons left the warmth of the Valley of Jiboa.

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